Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Am Sorry.

It's been a whole two weeks since I last posted anything on my blog, in fact I even missed Tip Tuesday! What am I doing???! I am sorry, I know a routine and a schedule is the best thing for any kind of person and lately my routine has been scrunched up, torn into little pieces and throw out of the window. 
And why is this... I am back in my university city. 

I planned and organised and was ahead of schedule. Until plans changed. Now that we have moved house I am now seven hours away by car and my dad was lovely and drove me down, helped me unpack, set up my new room in the student house and just helped me settle in. 

I think we left Scotland around 11:00 am and luckily only came across one traffic jam which was due to road works by a roundabout which had us and all those other commuters in a standstill for about 45 minutes. Which in all fairness isn't too bad for a 400+ mile car drive, so I guess we were quite lucky there, especially as it was a Saturday we went down. We arrived around the 6:30 7-ish so it was getting a bit dark when we arrived. 

So now I am moved in, settling down and all my housemates have turned up and settling in too, I am beginning to feel that things are calming down and I can begin a new schedule and find the times I need to get back into what I love doing, as well as fitting in food shopping, homework, work experience which I have to do some time this year and all that other good stuff like washing up,washing my clothes and trying not to sleep in or nap! A bad habit to get into and it's not a good idea to start now!

I am starting my second year of uni and I am looking forward to getting back into it and learning new things, I was in university owned student accomdation last year and now me and a group or friends have moved into a student house. It's nice, worth the money (so far) and it's somewhere to look forward to coming back to after a long week of 9 till 5 days. 

So this post has been a bit of a weird one and I do apologise that it's been dead on this tiny corner of the internet, but I promise I will try my hardest to get back into a good healthy routine, and even if I don't have anything new to post about I might just give you a little update here and there.

I hope people are doing well, time from a new term and hope everything goes smoothly from here. 

Lottie xo

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TipTuesday #7


Exfoliate before applying fake tan. A simple thing I know but I've seen a few girls wearing fake tan around. You know how I know they are wearing a fake tanning lotion.... blotchy knees! Not a good look...

You can easily buy exfoliating gloves from places like Boots, The Body Shop and even local super market, although the quality does vary. 
Exfoliating also helps out your skin, getting rid of the dry to reveal the new, fresh and well rejuvenated skin.

You shouldn't just do this in the colder month's were we like to fake tan, but in all of the months! It just make's you appear cleaner, brighter and healthier.

Hope it helps,
 Lottie xo

Friday, September 6, 2013

Essie | We're in it Together Review

Essie is all over the blog scene and a lot of people rant and rave about it. The colours are delicious, the bottle is tasteful and the price, well the price isn't very appealing. At £7.99 I would not buy it with out testing it cheaply first. 
I am a huge believer in 'You get what you pay for'. It's true definitely, but I was not about to shell out that amount of money on yet another nail polish, which I must be honest about, I do not really need. So after reading a post by MissBudgetBeauty talking about a website I had not heard before ( I decided to check it out. 

Oh my goodness, I had to restrain myself from going over board! They had some really good prices and some amazing things which I loved and would have loved to have brought! 

I managed to restrained myself (slightly) and only brought four things.
Ok I could have done better and brought one thing, the nail polish I originally wanted to check out, which by the way, I brought the Essie We're in it Together for £1.99!!!
But none-the-less I'm sorry I will try better!

So back to Essie. There are some many gorgeous colours to choose from, which is another big thing, I am not a good decision maker, so to have so many options is NOT a good idea to confront me with! Fragrance Direct however only had four colours to choose from, thank goodness, the decision was still a bit tricky because they didn't look like colours that I didn't already have or did not like. I can not remember the colours names but there was two bright oranges a brown like colour and a pink. 

After a bit of Essie colour research, you can get reviews on any beauty product these days and a few helpful beauty bloggers really made my decision easier! I went for the pink, obviously, and the research really helped, it turns out that We're In It Together has a slight blue tint to it. 
I guess I kind of brought it on a whim but I felt more satisfied with finding out other people's reviews and thoughts about it!

So you know that blue tint I mentioned earlier well, it does something strange and magical, in day light it is a cute candy pink polish with a tiny amount of sparkle and in shadow or inside it kind of turns a bit neon, I'm not sure if that is the best way to describe it but I really can not think of how to verbally describe it. Also another thing that made me say 'oooohhh' is that in the shade inside my house the blue in the nail polish seems to make my skin appear more tanned... I must be really pale for it to do that but I loved the feeling and well got a bit excited! 

So I liked the colour when I first applied it and it grows on you so now I love it! The Blue sparkle is magic and the price was amazing!

There are only two things I wasn't too keen on. 

1. It took me three layers to get the coating perfect.
2. In total I put five layers on my nails, an under coat, three layers of the Essie polish and one top coat to try and protect it from chipping, however It's chipped and scratched. 

and If i had paid the actually price I wouldn't have been greatly impressed by the number of coats it took to create an even colour.

I feel that this post is a bit about Essie nail polish and a bit about the website Fragrance Direct. & I know what people might think, is it a trusty website, I thought the same when I was reading MissBudgetBeauty post about her recent purchase, but she has brought from them and I have & I didn't have any problems. 

Personally if you haven't jumped on the Essie nail Polish band wagon and are unsure about the price, maybe check of Fragrance Direct, they might have different colours in stock so be sure to check back with them if the colours they have don't appeal to you. For £1.99 how can you go wrong, it's better to be sure than to waste money which could go towards something important.

(I removed the nail polish this morning, and to be honest, glitter is the worst thing to remove from your nails, but whether my nail varnish remover isn't great or strong enough, this polish is almost as difficult to remove as the glitter!
The polish lasted for just about a week, there was a fair few chippings and god my nails grew like there's no tomorrow so a big gap revealed its self at the bottom of my nails. It took two cotton pads and a hell of a lot of nail polish remover, which now means that my nails are a bit ... erm... tight I guess is how I explain it but also very dry which is not good!

Over all, not a great experience with the Essie We're in it together from beginning to end, but I've experienced worse nail polish! The colour was adorable but the application, chipping and removing it wasn't great. But for £1.99 I can't be too annoyed.

Lottie xo

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TipTuesday #6

Wow I'm sorry I haven't blogged anything for a while, the last week and a half has been crazy busy and I almost missed the fact that it was a Tuesday today!!


Wearing white eye liner widens the eyes. It also makes the eyes appear just that bit further apart from one another. Don't go crazy with the white eye liner thought, it will probably look a bit creepy, just a little layer can work miracles.

White eye liner can also reduce the appears red in and around your eye. 

Simple :) 

Hope it helps,
 Lottie xo