Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Life round Up

February has been the hump day of term two. It arrived all to quickly but it took ages to get to Saturday (in this case March). We seemed to have started a lot earlier than a lot of other universities, our terms runs from 5th of January till 27th of March, most of my friends at other uni's started back late Jan early Feb!

I didn't really have any deadlines in for this month, which resulted in me being very unmotivated and truth be told I struggled to get a lot of work done. I've mostly been working on my dissertation and boy do I wish I picked a happier topic! Think more about your dissertation kids! It's a long research project!

Term two at uni is the longest term we have at my university. Being so far away from home means I can't just pack a bag and spontaneously go home, I simply can not afford that. Thankfully my parents booked four days off and came down south to visit me over the weekend! It was such a nice weekend and I was spoilt rotten with hugs, food, and a few cheeky purchases! All a girl really wants ;)

The weekend was not just to divide the term for me, it was also a short holiday for my parents. To get away and visit new places. They'd planned to take me to York, which made a really enjoyable saturday and a visit to an outlet which is always great to look around! For sunday, I'd planned to take them to Wollaton Hall, an Elizabethan Country House which is now the Nottingham Natural History Museum. (It's also the home of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film The Dark Knight Raises). It was a bit of a gloomy day, hence the washed out cloud filled sky, but I think my dad enjoyed seeing a film location as well as learning a bit of history of the country house and Nottingham itself. The house is something to see, but the grounds, deer park and lake are something worth seeing in it's self! I really would recommend a visit if you find yourself in Nottingham.

If you are at university and aren't able to go home as often, maybe find the middle of the term and mark it in your diary. Either visit home or see if they can come visit you? I know how difficult it is when the rest of your house mates go home and spend the weekend with their family and you can't, especialy term two, when you've just come back from christmas and had a lovely break, coming back to uni when theres not much sun light and you aren't around home comforts, can be quite depressing.

So booking a visit gives you something exciting to look forward to! I find it refreshes me and sets me up for the rest of the term.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

To Break Up The Term

Last weekend my parents came down to visit me at university. After five weeks of being at uni this was something I had been looking forward to for weeks! They came down on the friday, arrived friday night, we went to York on saturday, had an amazing carvery on the sunday and then left for
home monday morning.

This post is very picture heavy so I will stop writing..... now.

 Saturday was a bit of a spurge day, here are my favourite things I brought, all thats missing is a top from H&M, socks, The Body Shop body puff and some grocery shopping.