Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Life Round Up

Not much has happened this month to be perfectly honest. I am now no longer an undergraduate student...and thats feels very weird to say and think about and graduation is next month, but besides almost finishing a chapter of my life, things has slowed down.

I started back at work at the beginning of the week and it is safe to say, I'm am super tired. Nine till Six on my feet all day was something I was not ready for! My feet are paying for it, but hey welcome to the real world right?

Life has chilled out a lot since coming home, my anxiety has calmed down, my blood pressure is absolutely normal and not close to damaging my health anymore and I've eaten soooo many strawberries I could turn into one.

I think its safe to say that life after finishing uni is much better for my health, and final term was the most stressful time I am glad I am finished with that! I guess to turn this post into more of a discussion than a boring post, something I would recommend for those who are finishing university either forever or just the summer, relax, enjoy the last few weeks, work hard but spend time with friends and enjoy time with them! Same with the first week of the summer, if you have a job lined up make sure to take time for you and recover your energy, it is important to look after yourself and if you need to take a day in bed till 12 do it! Just not everyday!

Recover, relax and then tackle your next plan with an open mind and a clear head!
That's my say on things what are your thoughts about finishing a chapter of your life or what do you do to relax?

Charlie xo