Monday, November 25, 2013


WOW I'm sorry! It's been a looooong time since I was last able to get on here! 

Life has been a bit crazy these last three months! Going back to university, starting second year, city installations and then starting a placement! It's just been... well manic! 
I started my placement on the 4th of November and to be honest it felt like I only started yesterday!! With a deadline looming, a show to put on in under 11 days,  and loads on making and dressing a set as well as making sure everything is ready for the actors to use and an audience to watch, it's all hands on deck!

I'm working on a Christmas Carol, a show that's been designed for children aged 4+. I haven't worked in a professional working theatre, helping out a designer and being on a design team, so I didn't really know what was/ is expected of me. I have, however been in a theatre group where we had to audition, raise funds, buy the script rights, rehearse, building the set, buy and design the brochures and put on an 1.5 performance. Also it was a lot of work, it was a good experience and really fun when everything was going well. It was a lot of responsibility and commitment, I think I got out of it, and it was worth the time and effort. Something I will not ever regret doing.

So placement is basically taking over my life at the moment, a 9:30am to 5:30, or whenever I've  completed the task that I'm doing at the end of the day. Which I know isn't a bad day, and a lot of people do it, but I don't actually know a day when I've ever actually finished at 5:30. 

Thing's are going well at the moment, prop hunting in charity shops for all sorts of set dressing, making little dolls to take the place of the children in the film introduced as 'Want' and 'Ignorance'. Christmas decorations, like a Christmas tree and wreaths, as well as ,my lovely little tasking this evening of sorting through the Christmas lights to make sure we knew which ones worked, this also involved me untangling the miles and miles of string lights to tidy them up and make it easier for when we come to dress the set. 
A lot of things have gone on in these last three weeks and I can not remember half of it! Later this week, the main bulk and body of the set is being delivered and assembled in the theatre. Sounds like there is a lot to do and not enough time, same old same old. 

The Christmas Carol's first night is on the 6th of December and that is the last day of uni before Christmas! As much as I am looking forward to the show and seeing all the hard work of everybody come together, I am very excited about going home for Christmas. It's been a long 10 weeks and I can not wait to get home and see my family and the dog, I've very much been missing them.

So to cut this short, I apologise for my absence, I feel like tuesdays have gone into a black hole and then all of a sudden it's monday again?! I promise I will get right back on the horse, hopefully with more exciting things to tell you, my life will inevitable calm down and the rest of the week will reappear as if it was never gone.

I hope all is going well for everybody, and I will be back soon!