Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Beginnings of My M.A.C Addition

"You get what you pay for"

- Something my mum had ALWAYS said to me, which I guess is why I am now sooo picky with what I purchase. 

So I guess this is just a little bit of an update post, and perhaps the first bit of evidence that will need to be presented to stop me of my future addiction that I will need to overcome.

 Before coming to university I hadn't really had any sort of feelings or knowledge about the company brand Makeup Art Cosmetics; M.A.C. I had heard that a lot of Professional makeup Artists use the brand and had thought It was kind of just for them.... Naive right. 

HOWEVER.... it wasn't until I was sat in one of my flatmate's room helping her get ready to go out, I was trying, and failing I should add, to make the heat rollers in her hair work whilst she did her face. It was a last minute decision and she needed to get ready quick!!  

Daisy's make up always look flawless and fresh and it wasn't until she started to apply her highlighter that I realised what she has, must have been pure gold! Of course I'm talking about the very first piece of M.A.C makeup I'd properly noticed. 

Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle... This little pot of wonder was something I saw, I tired and I fell in love with.  

And as it went this was my first piece of M.A.C makeup. You can read about it here, however it isn't such a review, more like an update... 

Now I only have a small collection of M.A.C products, I did only start just under a year ago, but I have a pretty big feeling my little collection will grow! Especially now that I have found out about their eye shadows of wonderful pigmented colours!

So, I guess that's it for now, I have an idea of what I will post next, in relation to this little post and hopeful we can help each other out for our future purchases! 

Love Charlie 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Being ill.

It's that time of year apparently, the time where everybody, one by one, gets sick and comes down with the dreaded COLD/FLU!

I don't know what it is about right now but it seems that everybody in the past week has caught a cold.

Granted I live in a student house, there are seven of us and that probably means that dodging that cold that's going around is like trying to avoid the masses of people leaving work at 5pm. It's just inevitable that you will get caught eventually and you will slow down and join the other people who look like death arrived too early.

I am not sure who brought the cold into the house but it been like a ninja killing everybody off since last friday... 

When I was younger and came down with the flu and of course be off school for the day, my mum would take such good care of me. There was definitely a routine when I was ill, which makes it sound like I got ill often (I didn't, I am just one of those people who, when gets hit by a cold/flu it hits me hard.)

The morning would always be about trying to get more sleep and rest, but there's only so much sleep you could have apparently? (Not now, I always feel like more sleep is essential, it's harder to get me to stay awake!)

By lunch time, my mum would come up and check on me. Usually, and this is the routine kicking in here, she would have already been down to the corner shop, brought me a bottle of Lucozade, a small tube of Winegums and a magazine (mizz magazine mostly).

So why am i telling you this??
Well inevitably (like the title suggests) I am currently wrapped up in a blanket and loads of layers, a glass of Lucozade by my bedside and a magazine to the side of me. (No sweets unfortunately).

Being at uni is great, but it's times when I get ill and start thinking (or allowing myself to think) about home and my family. And realising what my mum did for me when I was ill was so loving and, although now I have to brave out the cold to go get my own, Lucozade, magazine and medicine, the routine of those few things, that, let's be honest I could do any time of the year, makes me feel more homely and cosy that I generally feel better for it after! So thank you mum for giving me a routine that, even when I'm 300+ miles away from home, it still has the ability to make me feel at home and better!

A routine has 100% been helpful and comforting for me, and if there is any sort of advice that I could perhaps give to anybody who is not feeling great or health right now maybe a routine would be best for you too. Being away home comforts whether you are at uni or just away and ill, maybe try to do some of the things that you did when you were younger, whether it's a film you always watched, a drink (Lucozade for me) or a good book. Being away from home can for some people, be difficult, especially if it's for a long period of time.

So whether you are just getting a cold, in the midsts of one or even if you are just getting over one, I hope you feel better soon!

Love Charlie