Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Favourite Pieces of 2016

Quite possibly my favourite purchase of last year was my Mango chain bag in black. I think I found it at exactly the right time, it was in October and I believe it was half price and down to 22.99. The reason I love this bag and why I haven't left the house without since October is because it is just perfect! I have a habit of carrying way too much stuff in my handbag and end up regretting it after about an hour  or so of wondering around with it on my shoulder. The heaviness kicks in and it just becomes uncomfortable to carry. This bag however is just small enough that I have to carefully consider what I put in it, limiting the space so I don't just throw things in! The size also means that I won't just throw in my receipts and vow to sort them out when I get home (something that always ends up being neglected for far too long!) It's the perfect little black bag to dress up an outfit and I just wish I'd brought another!

Just before Christmas I was walking past Kurt Geiger and spotted they had a sale on, with some time to kill I decided to just pop in to see if they had any little black purses, although I didn't find a purse I did spot these Simona black mid heel ankle boots. I'll admit the stars where the thing that attracted me the most and even though I've never worn a shoe with such a point I over looked that and brought them anyway! 

Now I had a tester for this perfume for longer than I can remember but I only really rediscovered it half way through last year, Lancome La Vie est Belle Perfume is my perfect feminine fragrance! Its great quality - you literally need maybe two spritz and you'd ready to go. It's also long lasting on me and every time I've warn it I've receive compliments on the smell! There isn't anything I dislike about this perfume, the only thing I wish was that I had it in a roller ball, It would be more travel friendly and wouldn't take up too much room in my handbag!

I came across this Fringe 17 month planner in TK Maxx. I haven't used a planner like this since school, but oh my goodness I forgot how handy they are! I'm defiantly a more visual person, and seeing things drawn/written briefly in calendar section and then turning to the date and day part of the month helps to keep me organised and up to date on things I need to do. This planner will help me through the year, but you can bet I'll be looking for a replacement for next year! 

Before January 2016 I'd only ever worn a watch from perhaps a couple of days a year tops. They were always something I just couldn't be bothered to take the time to put on each day and as a result I never formed a routine of wearing one. However, everyday since the very first month of 2016 I haven't left the house without my Olivia Burton Watch. I'm at the stage where if I go out without it, I feel naked and lost! It surprising how much I rely on this watch at work especially!

All in all, these five objects have really been my favourite things through 2016. Things I have been using constantly and I'm sure I will still be using them at the end of 2017!

What have you been loving throughout the last 12 months? 


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Goodbye 2016

Wow, I can not believe how fast 2016 came and went. I feel like we've come full circle way to fast and the year just slipped through my fingers. I can't say that I'll miss 2016 very much, I achieved a few things I never even considered doing and learnt a lot about myself in the process. On the health front I finally learnt that in some cases, learning to care less and not stressing out about things outside of my control isn't a bad thing and it is actually best to separate yourself from the stress. 

I’ve now officially spent a whole year up in Scotland, I’ve travelled to a few places and experienced a bit more, but there are still things that I wanted to do up here that I haven’t gotten round to yet. There are still plenty of sights left to see and this year I really want to get out with my camera more.  I enjoy photography, in particular landscapes, and the scenery is breath-taking if you take the time to stop and look.
Whilst it quietened down on here my work life got a bit crazier. I completed two training qualifications, both which ran over 7 months and as stressful as it was at the time to do them simultaneously, now that they are over and completed I feel all the more confident for it.

In 2017 I want to press forward with work, health, photography and this blog. My health and fitness kick at the beginning of last year fell to the wayside after injuring my back, so I ‘d like to get back into it and back up to the running level I was at before.
I also lost contact with my blog mid year and I just put it down whilst work commitments got bigger, this year I plan to organise my time better, making sure I put time aside to do the things I want to do.

Whilst I was keeping up with my blog last year I did write a few posts that I am still quite proud of. I even think that my photography has come on a bit in the last few years. I would like to continue blogging and its processes as well as the feeling of accomplishment when you hit ‘publish’. This year would see Lotties Thoughts fourth birthday, and I am determined to keep at it! In the past, the best way for me to be constant is to organise my time and write up posts a few weeks in advance, on days off, utilizing my time with taking photos and writing.

At the beginning of 2016 I wanted to work on my fitness, in the hope of strengthening my back. It’s always been an area of concern for me and I have never experienced worse pain than when I’ve injured my back. Last March I spent a whole week in bed not able to move because I’d injured my back, then I spent the next few months literally being so careful in my movements so not to strain it, that all the exercise I had been committed to in the first few months of 2016 went completely out of the window because I was too scared to hurt myself like that again.

This year I am starting it back up, continuing from the end of last year, to keep a closer eye on what I eat and slowly working on some exercises to improve my fitness. I’ve had a lot of problems with my back in the last 10 years and I don’t want have the risk of injuring it as easily as I can right now.

2016 is officially over and we are starting a whole new year with all the best hopes for it! What have you reflected on and do you have any plans for this year? 

Best Wishes and lots of luck for 2017