Sunday, October 25, 2015


1. BLISTEX relief cream has been a saviour this week as the wind got colder my lips suffered.

2.  It's officially, I cracked out my scarf! Only the one though, I can wait a bit longer before getting out any more but I can not promise that I won't buy any new scarfs before the end of the month...

3. Hot Chocolate.

4. I don't know what I did but I really hurt my knee, I think I twisted incorrectly and I paid for it with swelling. Thankfully my dad's has some knowledge of injuries and what I should do. So now the swelling is down and not so painful. (Thats me being clumsy for ya)

5. Having a super big sort out and clear out feels so good for the soul! A tidy space is a tidy mind

6. We had some stunning weather in the week and Aberdeen actually had the highest temperatures in the UK which was rather enjoyable!

7. One of the girls at work is moving on to better things, which was so sad to say goodbye too but I know in the long run it will be so much better for her and I'm totally grateful for all the help and support she's provided over the period of time I've work with her! A complete inspiration!

8. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong on friday, but thankfully the girls at work cheered me up and it turned the day bak around, there isn't any sort of replacement for people who can get you back on your feet.

9. Saturday was a relaxed day in our house, I felt very inspired to take some blog photos and my parents actually proactively helped me out with taking photos. Normally they'll ask how things are going and such, but they were super supportive in helping me do some work for the post I was working on.

10. Having an extra hour in my day when the clocks went back. Granted the clocks changed around 2am sunday morning but I stayed up a bit later and watch Dr Who with my dad.

Charlie xo

Saturday, October 24, 2015

URL Change over

The time has come to re-think on things. When I first created this blog, I wasn't ever 100% happy with the name (i guess like most people) and i frittered about from one name to another. However I've grown attached to my name but wanted to make it a bit more direct in the naming.

So Ive change the blogs URL from


I hope you understand and you'll continue to follow me on this journey as this continues to grow and develop :)

Charlie xo

Nail polish to take you from Autumn to Winter

Accessorize - Almond
A P.E.R.F.E.C.T neutral colour for me! It has a slight purple undertone making it a cool neutral colour. I hadn't tried Accessorize nail polishes before but there were a few beautiful colours that had caught my eyes in their collection. The bottles are too cute and remind me of the old tv show Crystal Maze which I totally loved to watch back in the day! The rose gold finish on the brush handle is also beautiful and easy to hold and use!

Butter London - Stag Do
This was one of the first Butter London nail polishes I ever tried. In the bottle it has a slight metallic colour too it but unfortunately I am not seeing it on my nails. It's quite a harsh colour, strong and bold but paired with a gold glitter I think it would be great for christmas/new year time.

Ciate - Sand Dune
I love gold nail polish! It just isn't in your face and can be warn pretty much all year round! But put it with a chuncky gold glitter polish (like the one above) it look great for the festive season!

Seventeen - Russet Shimmer
This is a new purchase, once I clapped eyes on the colour in Boots I had to have it! It has a orange undertone too it or it is the tiny flecks of orange glitter in the red polish. It is a beautiful rich warm red and echoes the tones of autumn and christmas!

Butter London - Bit Faker (Bronze)  and Revlon - Sequins (Gold)
Now don't get me wrong, I love glitter as much as the next person, but having my nail covered in glitter polish is an actual nightmare for me. Taking the time to take the glitter off my nails just makes me sad and it takes way too long for me. However I do really love the accent nail, where you just have one nail covered in a thick layer of glitter polish. The Butter London Bit Faker is the polish on my thumbs in the picture above, it took only two layer to get the look and I was extremely please about that! Two layers and quick drying what is not to love?!

So those are the colours I will be sporting this winter, maybe with a few others in as well, what colours are your favourite for this time of year? Also if you have any tips and trick to easily removed glitter polish, let me know I am all ears for any tips!

Charlie xo

Sunday, October 18, 2015


1. Monday flew past which was beautiful! As well all know how mondays can drag out

2. I had a really productive planning out my life session on tuesday (work was quite) and It feels good when you figure out a plan, even if it might not work out, a plan of action is always motivating

3. Mum offered to help me dye my hair this weekend. The hair colour I'm after is red, and from experience she knows I wouldn't do it by my self, the whole room will look like I've just killed something, brutally  (hair dye will actually stain the wall so be careful, I learnt that the hard way!)

4. I hate cold weather so dad treated us to a hot chocolate from Costa (this can not develop into a habit, it just can not be allowed!)

5. I've learnt the meaning of 'hump day' i.e. wednesday. I think I dislike wednesday morning more than monday! Monday lets you catch up with everything, and wednesday just shows how long the week has been.  Does that mean I'm growing up?

6. Makeup makes me happy and warm inside, so getting time to clean up my MAC pallet was actually rather enjoyable...

7. A good cuppa tea with mum

8. Having a long weekend gave me the time to catch up with myself! The Nights are drawing in and It's almost pitch black when we are travelling home after work! So to have friday off was really nice start to the weekend

9. *cough* 10 weeks till christmas!!!!! *cough*

10. Getting into bed with new sheets is just the best thing to do at the end of a productive day.

Best wishes Charlie xo

Saturday, October 17, 2015

M.A.C | Pro Palette | Eye Shadow No.5 Patina

Oh I do love my eyeshadows and this one is no exception. It was one of the ones I had originally had my eyes on.

In my opinion Patina is a warm light brown shade with gold shimmer running through it. It is easily buildable and can be use as an everyday all over the lid shade. I often use Patina with Woodwinked as a transition shade, I do this so that the glitter from Woodwinked isn't too intense. I also love to use this colour on its own, all over the lid with a winged liner or with some brown eyeliner smudged out around the edge.

If I had had this shadow whilst at school I would have warn it everyday, It is neutral for the daytime and buildable to create a warm smokey eye effect with some other shadows. I think it is so versatile that you could use it with almost any colour! It takes no real thought or effort to make it work, and it can look feminim and polished.

Charlie xo

Sunday, October 11, 2015


1. Fruit tubs! Nothing better than fresh fruit with all the juicy goodness!

2. Not entirely sure what the weather was doing at the beginning of the week here is Scotland, but It was nice to have some rain! But of course it was nice to go back to normal on wednesday with some sunshine!

3. More and more leaves are changing colours! Autumn is upon us! Just waiting for the crunchy leave now!

4. I'd ordered something online and there was a bit of difficulty actually receiving the package, so I am truly thankful for some amazing customer service, it's nice to feel like somebody really does want to help you.

5.  We went to a Christmas Charity event one evening at Dobbies Garden Centre, and I just loved to see all these people here for a good cause the staff were amazing and full of energy and the Christmas Jumpers - I want one for christmas this year!

6. I finally got my glasses on thursday and I am beyond pleased with them! It funny how you forget how much you are actually missing when you don't wear your glasses.

7. Friday night was clear of clouds and the stars were shinning! Another reason why I am thankful for my glasses and having new lenses meant that I could admire the stars in all the glory not just blurry lights!

8. Talking about stars Accessorize had the most B-E-A-UTIFUL neckless in at the moment! I am obsessed! (picture to come!)

9. Since coming home from uni, and trying to get my life back on track with work, getting an opticians, doctors and a dentist I haven't had time to myself to just sitting down and getting some stuff that I want to get done done! Having the house to myself and relaxing was so nice and gave me the chance to catch up with myself. Sometime you just need to put time aside for you.

10. Film night with the family. Hasn't happened in maybe three years, but we have a family film night  tonight (sunday) which was really nice. Should always put time aside for family.

Charlie xo

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Beginners Guide To Lipstick

Up until two/three years ago I never touched lipstick, I thought I wasn't brave enough to try it and that everyone who did, new themselves and they looked like they had their lives together! There is just such a range of colours and shades it seemed too difficult to even consider jumping into that ocean of possibilities!

Along with not feeling brave enough to try lipsticks, I also thought that the problem I have always had with my lips would never allow me to even try. I've mentioned this multiple times but my lips are seriously effected by the weather. For me they have been my biggest problem area, even over blemishes during those teen years. They dry out at the slightest drop in temperature and I am forever buying new lip balms to keep them moisturised, and supple, instead of dry cracked and sore. (Not pretty I can tell you!)

With the condition of my lips and how they behaved I knew I should start with a lip tint. Something like a moisturiser that would colour my lips as well as keeping them nourished. I'd watched many a Youtube Haul and reviews and final decided to try out the Maybeline Lip Butters, specifically the Pink Truffle as it wasn't too pigmented to look like a lipstick but gave enough of a difference for me to feel like I was taking a risk (granted a small risk, but at the time, for me it was huge!)

From here I tried other colours within the collection, this helped give me an idea of what kind of colours and tones I liked and didn't like. For example I like browns and berry colours, whilst pinks I was not comfortable in and I did not think that they suited me.

From here you just have to find the right kind of formulations and textures to suit you. Swatching and finding reviews was the best method for me, sometimes you might find that the lipstick doesn't feel very nice on your lips if it is brand new. However I have found that after several uses, once you have made a dent in the product the formulation changes, often to a softer, easier on the lips texture.

Once you've found a lipstick/balm you like, you can build up your confidence! You don't have to develop into darker or brighter colours. You can start venturing into lipsticks which are most opac but in a similar colour range as to your lips, and build up your confidence that way. I moved onto other colours and brought a lot of colours which I eventually realised I didn't like and didn't suit me like they did others. (money wasted)

If you are a bit daunted by lipsticks but want to jump into the endless world of beautiful lips, start small, something neutral and more like a balm is an easy place to start out. Build up slowly and do your research. Find review and swatches with good photos or even better youtube videos with good images. Find out what would best suit you, texture wise, no what your lips are like, do you suffer with dry lips and need to moisturise them 24/7 like I do, or do they put up with anything! (In which case I'm super jealous of you!) Think about the kind of colours you like seeing on others and whether they would suit you, sometime you will just have to try some out, but hey the drugstore's are amazing places to find things to try which aren't too expensive! And the last thing to remember is that what ever you put on your lips, what ever colour, it will come off. It's not permanent and you can just try things on around the house, you don't have to go outside, you can test it out in the comfort of your own home and get comfortable with that lip colour be it bold or your lips but bolder! It's a way of expressing yourself so have a play, you never know you might end up loving lipsticks!

Charlie xo

Sunday, October 4, 2015


1. There was a 'Blood Moon' on sunday night and I really wanted too see it but there wasn't really a set time for the viewing. With work early on monday morning I went to bed and didn't expect to see the blood moon, however my body clock woke me up at 03:35 exactly and wondered into the Living room to see if I could see anything, which I did! I love the moon and stars and to see the moon shaded red was defiantly worth waking up at 3:30 for!

2. Although there wasn't a blood moon the next night, I decided to get the telescope out and view the moon. Thankfully it is getting darker earlier so I don't have to wait all night to view the stars. My dad and I tried to take some photos of the moon through the telescope and the picture above is one of the photos that we took, obviously it isn't great quality!

3. The girls at work are just the best and I am still so thankful to have meet them :)

4. Found out that it was 100 days before christmas during the week, we are into the double figures! Not too long to go!

5. Having a early nights sleep is so underrated! Going to bed earlier and feeling good in the morning is defiantly worth it!

6. Its was crazy windy and cold a few mornings this week so a nice hot chocolate from Costa was just the thing for a cold morning walk up the hill to work.

7. I finally got my eyes checked and brought some glasses which have been well and truly needed! I knew my eyes had changed in the last few years, but in the midst of moving and uni I haven't been able to get them checked. It feels good to get my feet back on the ground again with everyday things.

8. I love strawberries, probably too much, but they are going over soon and then we'll have to wait an entire year till the best of the best are ready again!

9. It's felt like a never ending week this week but I'm thankful for my day of on sunday, a lye in and chill out day has truly been needed!

10. We have had exceptional weather this week, its been nice to have some continuity in the weather! Granted its chilly in the morning but sunshine is always welcome.

Best wishes Charlie xo

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Wish List

I love writing lists and the feeling of success when crossing something off the list! It makes me feel good. Granted my lists normal are about jobs to do, things to look at and so on and so forth, but I've never even thought about creating a wish list of things I really want.

1. Becca Champaigne pop! I might be the last person in the world of beauty without one, but I really can not take my eyes of this beautiful thing! 

2. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow palette, the thing looks and smells amazing!

3. Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner in black or green, I can't decided! 

4. A Smaller bag for work, something that will actually fit into the lockers without being forced in would be good.

5. Some black boots which I can wear for work

And I thought I'd leave number six off the picture as everybody knows what it looks like but also I'm not sure what kind of tripod I really need or want at the moment... 

6. A tripod for my camera, I want to start using my macro lens better and I do not have a steady enough hand for the job.

I love a good list and never thought about using a wish list to remind myself and I love to research into products, brands and styles! Is there anything you are wishing for, and what do you do before splashing out the cash for the things you've got your eyes on?

Charlie xo