Saturday, November 1, 2014

How I Spot Cleaning my Makeup Brushes

So it's a Saturday night, the house is suffering right now after last nights Halloween antics. So whilst feeling a little sensitive I thought what better time than any to spot clean my makeup brushes. Not something I really love or hate doing but something that's easy enough to do whilst chilling in front of a film.

Now I know you should wash your brushes at least once a month to get ride of the bad bacteria that can settle on your brushes. But to be 100% honest, I only use the brushes on my face, if I were to use them on somebody else, I'd have cleaned them prier to use. But alas they only touch my face and i'm alright with that.

So the picture above shows everything I use to spot clean my brushes...

My brushes, a clean kitchen roll sheet (maybe two, depending no how much makeup you use and the amount of brushes) and finally the cleaner itself. I like to use the M.A.C Brush Cleaner.

Its the first proper brush cleaner I have tried but since I've started using it am constantly stunned as to how much product it gets out!

1. Layout all your dirty brushes (and if your like me, realize you probably should have done this before now)
2. Set up your drying station. (If you have the Real Techniques travel case, this is a great thing for drying you brushes on as you can angle them downwards. If not you can always use a clean flannel to rest your brushes on whilst they dry.)
3. Grab a clean kitchen towel sheet.
4. Grab your cup and pour a fair amount of the brush cleaner it to it. (You can always add more liquid, but from experience having to much left over is annoying, and you can't exactly up the dirty liquid back into the bottle!)
4. Dip the tip of the brushes into the cleaner and draw in circular motions on the kitchen towel and watch the magic happen! Once all of the colour is out of the bristles, Rinse the brush head under some warm water to get ride of the brush cleaner liquid.
6. Place your freshly looking brushes to one side to dry.
7. Appreciate the cleanliness of your brushes, it might not last long! (Yes this should be done!)

Charlie x