Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Life Round Up


This month has been the busiest of them all so far.

The Easter break was welcomed with a huge hug. Although I love my own time and having my own freedom from my parents, it is very difficult to spend three months away and not miss them! I think having my time away at uni gave me a better level of respect for them, and I realised how much I enjoy their company. (However I should state, this feeling only seems to hang around whilst away from home, a few days back at home and my parents and I are fully charged, as it were and ready to start again. Anyway I am very thankful for them and I had a wonderful Easter with them.

Now, lets get back to business, returning to uni was ever so hectic, and then returning to the everyday struggle was difficult. Being back in the design studio actually the atmosphere became a very negative space, everybody was getting the end of their projects and stress levels were extremely high, not to mention the topic of DISSERTATION!

This month has been extremely heavy at the work front and its has taken up all my time, hence the lack of post here, which I really am sorry about. Projects have come to an end, design projects are being to take a shape that I am really happy about and the dissertation, well, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I cannot believe that I am writing the post, it is so close to May, which mean I can realise the hold the dis has had on me, I hand in all my other work in three weeks and then its just building for the exhibition! Where has the time gone? My university life is almost over? What do I do now! If anybody has any words of encouragement about life after uni please leave me a comment I would like to know there's hope and what I should expect, it would be much appreciated!

Charlie xo

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Travel Makeup Bag | Easter Holiday

So, second term is over, and I've just unpacked my suitcase for the Easter holiday. I brought a lot of things back home that I know I wouldn't be needing for my third term. Whilst a lot of the things I stuffed into my suit case is now mute, i.e wintery things, that hopefully won't be needed for spring/summer, there was two little bags that were essential in making me look some what presentable to the public that had to be packed into my suitcase for Easter!

I brought my tickets way back in February and been keeping them safe. I am not a big fan of trains, and every time I've started my journey home, for christmas, easter or the summer, the train back to Scotland has always been delayed. Very annoying, but fingers crossed I'll actually make it home before 5pm and that I get all three initial trains that I'm booked onto, instead of having to detour to Edinburgh and catch a 4th train (which is always packed).

So here is my two week essential makeup and tools that I brought with me home for the holidays.

Mac eyeshodows starting Left to Right
Top row: Retrospeck, Patina, Woodwinked
Middle: Quarry, Satin Taupe and Handwritten

Mac Paint pot in Painterly and Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tatto in On and On Bronze

Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW20
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in shade 115

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara
No7. Amazing Eyes Pencil in 20 Leaf

 Zoeva Concealer Buffer and 120 Silk /finish
Real Techniques Stippling and Blush brushes 

Ruby and Mille Eye Lash and Brow duo
Blank Canvas Cosmetic E25 and E26 
Real Techniques Brow Brush 
Zoeva  317 Wing Liner ( Which I use for my eyebrows if I want a more defined brow)

Charlie xo