Friday, June 28, 2013

Barbara Daly | Lipstick Review

So since moving up to Scotland the only place I no like the back of my hand is Tesco. (Thats sad isn't it) But unfortunately it's been made clear to me that where we are living at the moment, you can not really do anything without a motor vehicle of some sort... 

But never mind :) I found these jems! I have always liked lipstick, but I never have been able to find the  colours that suit my skin tone. 

Barbara Daly Lipstick
Upright lipstick: Sugar-cane (moisturising)
On it's side: Honey (moisturising)
Both were £2.49 (on offer)

I saw a little stand on the end of an isle and in it was tones of lipsticks, blushers and mascara.(End of line thing I would assume). I love these two lipstick, I've used them a lot lately. These two are particularly good for me as my lips get dry at any time of year. You can feel how moisturising they are from the moment of applying! 

Long lasting and moisturising, what's not to love?

Lottie   xo

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Eye Catcher...

I am not the type of person who can walk into any shop, see 50 things that I like and that suit/fit me right. hat just does not happen. I'm one of those people who will go into any shop, see may one or two things I really like, try them on and they look dreadful :( It gets me down a little bit to be honest as I'm sure it would a few people. 

Yesterday however... I went into the city with my rents to have a look round. (We have just moved up from the Cotswold to Scotland and I've just got back from uni, so I had absolutely no idea what things are like up here in the North).

So we went into the city and found a *Zara* (WOO!) and seconds after walking through the entrance... I found THIS!!! 

ZARA: Striped Ribbed Sweater
Colours: Black and White
(I brought for £20)

I love my knit wear and this caught my eye so quickly. It's that moment when you spot something out the corner of your eye, curiosity leads you over (Kind of like that REALLY cheese fishing line move you see the insanely intoxicated guys do at 3am in a club? Ha!) Well I just fell in love with this jumper! It was only £20, now, I don't think that is to bad, but after trying it on, it fitting really nicely I would have paid anything! 
(actually I've just checked it out it's now gone down to £15.99!! and that's from the Zara website!)

Just a quick update on this piece, I brought it a towards the end of last month, and it has finally appeared in the clean pile.... However... the colour has run. Not impressed with it at all, the white has now turned a light greyish colour. Considering I brought the jumper for the Black&White appeal I am quite upset that the colour has run. It's not what I was expecting from Zara products.


Hi, my names Lottie, its jut a nickname really. Something that's stuck with me I guess.
This Blog is for me to pull together all the little things that I love, the things that inspire me to be more creative and try new things! I am a university student at the moment so creativity is a must!! I should admit, that I have really no idea what I might be blogging about so lets see how the next few months go! :)