Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Life Round Up


July has been a bit here there and everywhere to be honest! Getting used to waking up at 6am for the commute to work, returning home at 7pm has been a real challenge, but like anything with time you get used to it. A lye in for me now means 8am!

I've been sorting out all the mundane things like opticians, dentist and signing up to the doctors again and sorting out my blood pressure, which by the way is absolutely normal now, so university was the root of that problem!

And of course there was a little celebration and event called GRADUATION! I am so happy that I went, there was a period of time were I really couldn't have thought of anything worse but hey, I did it! It was so nice to see all my course again, there was only 13 of us so we were all pretty close in a way. But it was great to see everyone and try and catch up! The ceremony was great, we were the last to collect out certificates but it was worth the wait. The whole day was lovely and getting to spend it with friends and family was even better! The trip down and back took its toll on us but hey, its a once in a lifetime sort of thing!

Besides that the only other thing is I'm moving over to a different store at work at the beginning of August and hopefully getting to meet new people which is exciting. Life has chilled down a lot since finishing university and I have to say at this time in moment I am relieved. But I better you, come september, when I'm not packing up my suitcase, filling the car and travelling down to the uni house, I will 100% miss it. But for now, it's time to find out where I want to go, life beings now, and its a scary but exciting experience!

Charlie xo

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Time to Reflect 01/52

1. Probably the biggest thing in my life this month! I was absolutely terrified about going back down to Nottingham and graduating. I was so scared of the amount of anxiety that I felt I'd have to face while there, not knowing how long the ceremony would be and whether I'd be able to leave the hall to catch my breath back and calm down. Our course was inevitably last to graduate on the list and that knowledge made me feel both sick but calm. Thankfully I was seated with friends and just them being there calmed me down beyond belief! I am so thankful for them, I hope they know how much they have done for me, they are some of the best people I have ever meet.

2. Like I've said above I am so grateful to have shared three years with these people! They made the experience of uni better than I ever could have imagined. Each one of them has such an amazing personality and I wouldn't want to returned if it wasn't for them!

3. Something I thank might have been over looked a lot in the past, when I was a lot younger. I love my parents and now that I have come home from uni, I am thankful I get to spend time with them in person, rather than a phone call or a Skype session. There isn't anything that can complete with a much needed hug from my mum or dad when I really need it.

4. I've been looking at my health and fitness for years now, struggling with making time and finding motivation. A couple of months ago I heard about FITBIT, I initial only saw the watch version and had been very interested in the little gadget. However as excited as I was about the watch it was nothing in comparison to my excitement when I learnt about the FITBIT ONE. A tiny little clip on version which you can attach to you bra, waistband or trouser pocket! I have now found the motivation I need and throughly recommend it!

5. This was a strange experience but whilst we were in Nottingham for my graduation we had to stay in a hotel for two nights. Having a hotel room to myself was bazaar but kind of nice. It did feel a bit lonely but it was the first time that all of us, as a family had gone somewhere together and stayed in a hotel since 2009!

6. Since leaving school and then moving 400 miles away from friends and family, it has been difficult to get to know people and start to try and make friends. It becomes a hard process to do after your forced together with people like in school, I've never been very good at the whole process either unfortunately. (maybe I'm too unsociable, maybe being an only child has a bigger influence on those kind of factors than I thought?) Regardless I am very thankful for the people at work, not only are they the nicest people I've meant whilst working, but they let me in with open arms and made the whole experience one to never forget.

7. Waking up at 6am to go to work and getting back at 7pm doesn't help with keeping everything tidy. At the end of the day I am too tired to even eat dinner. When my room is tidy and clutter free it is the best feeling in the world. Makes me feel like I have my life together (as weird as that sounds!).

8. Ok so yes I've been to Nottingham before, and yes it feels like a second home, but of course it wasn't until our very last trip down that we find a shopping business park just outside Nottingham which has everything we could want. I like finding new places and you just have to be brave enough to just go out a wonder around.

9. Mango and Passionfruit has to be my favourite drink of all time! Discovered at the beginning of my uni life but the help of a course mate, it brings back brilliant memories and is just the thing you need of a hot stuffy day!

10. Not five minutes crossing the boarder of Scotland and the services had a Starbuck!  So five points for Scotland there and about 1000 points to the Scottish air! You can not get much fresher!

Charlie xo

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Time to Reflect | 52 Weeks of Positivity


I have almost officially graduated and have to figure out what it is I want to do with my life, at least for the time being. I have decided that it would be a good idea to look at each week for a whole year and write down the things I am grateful for and the little things that have made me feel good.

As a person, I, unfortunately, am very pessimistic, and I do not want to think like that any more. Granted I am not ALWAYS pessimistic, and I definitely am not when it involves other people, I want to help and be a positive vibe to the people around me. However the people that suffer the most with my pessimism is my parents and myself. Things tend to go from bad to worse with my mood, especially when something goes wrong with my day, then it just tends to snowball and my mood gets worse and worse.

Its not healthy to be pessimistic about yourself and its not something I want to rule my life. Its obviously not a characteristic that will get you many friends and I like to think that we can create our own luck. So from this week on I am going to look at the things that make me happy in the day and try my hardest to ignore all the negative vibes that test me during the week.

So on Sundays, starting next week (I think thats a good day too assess the week) I will be uploading these posts! Hopeful this proves to be a good reminder to look at the little positive things and not to dwell on the negatives! Feel free to follow along and if you want to try this for yourself, welcome aboard!

Charlie xo

Saturday, July 4, 2015

10 Things I Love about Summer...

1. Warmth of the Sunshine
We've have a lovely few days, basking in the sun's warmth, (with UV protection of course) and you just can not beat the feeling of lying on a lounger, warming up from the outside in and relaxing. This time of year is made for relaxing in the warm, forgetting about education and enjoy the weather. 

2. Strawberries
My most favourite things in life. I adore Strawberries, I'd eat them all year round, everyday for breakfast is I could! However since moving to Scotland and trying a brand of strawberries from a little farm shop near home I haven't been able to eat and enjoy any other type of strawberries! If only I could grow them successfully myself!

3. Beaches and Sandy Toes
Summer goes hand in hand with the golden stretches of beach no question about that! Theres no other feeling like wiggling your toes into the warm sand. But theres also no feeling like sand in your shoes, the good always comes with the bad!

4. Beautiful Vibrant Sunsets
Sunset all year are beautiful, but summer sunsets, well they bring something a little bit different.  Golden hues hitting the last few things before the sun sets are utterly beautiful and it make me excited to get up and see it again the next day.

5. Bright Nail Polishes
I can not wait to crack out the brights nail polishes I have! Bright oranges and pinks, they defiantly scream summer to me.

6. The Sound of Ice hitting together in a refreshing summer drink
I love this sound! I'm not quite sure why, but the sound of ice knocking and clanking together is just one of those noises I love!

7. BBQ’s
The smells, the tastes of BBQ'ed food and the build up are great in my household! Everybody working together, dad's manning the BBQ, mum and I sorting the salads and all of a sudden everything comes together on the table outside. Perhaps my favourite time of the day and meal of the summer!

8. Travelling

Whether it's abroad to another country or even up the road to a place I've never been, travelling helps me disconnect from everyday life, I'll be more up for trying new food and experiencing new things with friends and family.

9. ‘Henrys’ - Orange juice and Lemonade
I think this might just be a name that Cheltenham and Gloucestershire people know. I haven't found anybody else who recognised the name? But it is one of the most refreshing drinks of the summer! (I haven't tried Pimms yet though, perhaps this summer I will!)

10. '99' Ice cream 
Mr Whippy and a Chocolate flake. No explanation needed, they are the best.

Charlie xo