Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Work On Me #2

Catch up N°2...

Well I have to admit I haven't spent as much time as I wanted too on health and fitness over the last few months, work and illness has gotten in the way.  I know it is an excuse, and I know so many hard working people that fit in the time to go to the gym, I just do not have the energy at all. I wake up at 6:30 to get ready to leave the house at 7:10, I work form 9 till 6 and by the time I get home its 19:10. We have dinner I shower and by that time its 20:30. My day is taken up by work and travelling to and from it.

I'm looking for way to improve this and I think I have an idea. To exercise after eating a meal isn't a good idea, but If I do as many steps as I can at work with my FitBit and push it to get to that 10,000 steps it should start to make a difference. I have also thought about waking up earlier to do a light yoga routine that should wake me up ready to get ready for work. Just ten minutes earlier and it too might make a small difference.

I've been flicking through The Big Book of Yoga to pick something to start with, and I think I've found something ideal for me to do in the mornings. After having a week in bed because of my back  I've been looking for exercises to help train up my back, make it stronger so I hopefully don't have to suffer from it as much as I have over the last few years. If I find it helps and I find myself struggling less and less from issues to do with my back I might post on here to let anybody else who suffers from back pain to hopefully help somebody out, I know how painful it is when something goes wrong and it don't ever want to have to suffer through that again!

So a small update of my thoughts and plans - I'll repot back perhaps next month if I make any additional changes, but for now I plan to make sure I am never without my FitBit and that I wake up earlier to do some yoga poses and stretches.

Charlie xo

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Vintage Rose Nails

I love nail polish, ok it takes time, and it is so annoying when you think they should be dry but you touch something and find out that it defiantly was NOT dry. Smudging of nail polish is the worst, especially when it's taken you ages to try and do it neatly only to have to remove it and try again, but the look of freshly painted nails is just so nice and I feel as though it is the finishing touch of any outfit (plus to me it says 'that person their life together!')  

I have been looking at the Accessorize Nail Polishes for agains - since they were released last year. and one colour in particular caught my eye. The polish 'Bronze Leaf' immediately caught my eyes and I finally got round to buying it and painting my nails in this colour! 
The formulae is smooth and very easy to apply, two coats are you're done! The brush also needs to be mentioned. I hate the small, hardly-pick-up-any-product types of brushes because they take extra layers and time to paint your nails. The brush on the Accessorize nail polish is big enough to do my nails in just two sweeps and holds more than enough product to get it done in one! 

Although it is named 'Bronze Leaf' I would say it has a pink undertone to it and looks more like a dusty vintage rose to me, but I absolutely love it. I worn it for a week and haven't had any problems with chipping so that is a totally plus to me! I really do love this colour and I think it is perfect for this time of year just as we are beginning to see the start of spring. I haven't tried any other Accessorize Nail Polishes but I will defiantly be having a look next time I pass by, the colours I have seen are lovely and I think that there was a good variety of choice, hopefully they bring some more out for the summer! Overall I love the formula, the colours, the finished texture and not to mention the bottles which totally remind me of the TV show Crystal Maze which I absolutely love! 

Have you tried any of the Accessorize Nail Polishes, and which ones have you tried?

Charlie xo

Sunday, April 3, 2016


1. Bank holiday monday and the sun was shinning!

2. I found one blogging mojo again and started trying to get back onto of the scheduling of posts. I managed to get two post finished and finally get back on track with these 52 weeks of positivity!

3. First day back from a weeks holiday, I caught the train into work on Tuesday and to see the sun rise over the sea makes it 100% better.

4. Getting back to work, and although my back is still bad it was good to get back and do something.

5. Early mornings are no longer dark sad times!

6. The weather on Thursday afternoon was beautiful! It was so sunny and warm?! We may have been stuck in rush hour traffic but to sit in sun made me hopeful that spring and summer is really on the way! Oh and the daffodils were starting to open up! Soon Aberdeen will be covered in them!

7. With the sunshine on Thursday afternoon it reminded me to buy some prescription sunglasses (I had a voucher with turned out it expired in the next eight days) So on Friday we went out to order them! Hopefully I will actually get to use them some time soon, at the moment all the sunshine has gone and its grey cloud as far as the eye can see!

8.  I love driving but I haven't really driven in the last three years because I've been at uni and didn't need a car, so to drive to work on saturday morning was a nice little reminder that I need to get back into it and gain back all that confidence I once had.

9. Towards the end of this week my back has felt better and better so I finally got round to tidying my room,  giving it a real spring clean and now, with everything dust free, clutter free I can not wait to get into a clean bed in a clean room! They do say you shouldn't sleep in a messy room.

10. On friday my blog got a crazy amounts of hits, 200 more than I ever have received before in one day?! I couldn't figure it out but my gosh I was shocked and so happy! I hope I'm doing something right and you are enjoying reading or looking at my little piece of  the internet, I am really enjoying blogging and I am completely besotted with my blog right now!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and best wishes for the week ahead!
Charlie xo