Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Life round Up

January has seemed to pass incredibly slowly, I mean at snail speed.

One week back into the swing of university life, and it's felt like I never left! Jumping back into a project that I was mid way through at the end of term 1/start of December and I felt like I'd been back for months!

Ok so my christmas break wasn't really a sit back and relax sorta holiday and I was constantly thinking and working on my model box for my project, but come on! Four weeks off and I feel like I didn't relax?!!!

A quick 'Welcome back' talk from our tutors gave us all a very uneasy feeling when they told us that we really only have one term left. One term to get our projects together and dissertations in print. It's been a very stressful, time ticking month.

Three years ago, I believed if I ever went on to university it would take me years to complete, oh how wrong I was. Effectively I only have two months left till Easter. All project work needs to be handed in in March. Easter is looking like it will be filled with dissertation work, ready for hand in in the first two weeks of April.

After that, the remaining time from April to late March revolves around our exhibition work, building, painting and all the rest to get it tip top shape, ready opening in early June!

I thought I'd post a little update, to just let you know I am still here, just hidden behind the piles of work, books and research material. As soon as I crawl out from behind this work I will jump right back into blogging.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Winter Is Here!

Right now as I'm typing away, I wearing, a long sleeve top, a heavy knit jumper, jeans and woolly socks. It's cold in my room, and outside the wind is whirling around! Winter pushed in and shocked us all!

We live in a old house and there must be a window slightly cracked open because there is a howling noise coming from somewhere. You know the noise I mean... slightly creepy, kind of high pitch howl. Not a good noise to hear when you are on your own at night time!

We pulled numbers out of a hat to pick rooms, and I picked out one of the largest rooms, but downstairs. The window however is a floor to ceiling sort of thing and is only single glazed so it lets the cold air in. With winter imminent I am trying to find cost effective ways to warm up my room and keep it somewhat cosy. 

Coming back to uni my mum demanded I needed take the electric oil heater with me, as well as seeing it being put into the car for the drive down. Thank god she said this, I don't think I would have been healthy if it wasn't for that little heater. 

However being a student and living with other students, issues were bound to arise about my having it and using more electric than my share. ( Although I only use the electric for the heater and my alarm clock as well as when I need to charge my laptop.) 

So talking with friends and family, somebody recommend using candles... She mentioned to me that she used candles in her second year and they kind of gave a placebo effect. A little flame which when you see it out the corner of your eye, it kind of gives you that warming effect. Sounds crazy I know but trust me it does work!!!

So I went out and brought a couple of cheapy candles, I didn't really care much for a certain smell, I just wanted to try it out and I found some in Primark!

At £2.00 each you can not go wrong. They had a variety of colours and scents to choose from. I went for the purple and the light grey. To be honest, the two scents mix together quite nicely. 

I understand that for some people, the placebo effect might sound silly, but for me personally, I felt that it kind of worked. To have the candles lit, made me feel like it was a bit warmer and they also lit up my room quite nicely, not enough to do work but to watch a film in bed or something was perfect. 

I definitely recommend Primarks candles, check out the scents and colours and if you are a student, and are allowed candles in your rented accommodation, check them out and see if they help make your room that bit more cosier. 

Charlie x