Saturday, September 6, 2014

Current Make Up Bag Favourites

Things have changed up a lot since last time, and I am a complete creature of habit, so a change up in my routine is rather long over due for me I'm sure... but why ruin a good thing? Well to make it better of course!

Foundation: After seven years of sticking strong to one brand, the Maybeline Dream Matte Mouse, I took the plunge and tried a new foundation formula! I loved the Dream Matte Mouse, however the last pot I brought had different packaging and what seemed like a different formula too!? It appeared to have small bits of glitter running through it? Now I don't know if that was just that one pot or if they started to use a new formula, but I immediately didn't like it. Like my dad I have oily skin and glitter is a complete NONO for me! 

     I've started using the Maybeline New York, Superstay Better Skin Flawless Finish Foundation in the shade 005 Light Beige. Since changing, I have started to use brushes, (before, my steering wheel might have turned i little bit ivory, whoops!) I find that the bottle has lasted almost the same amount of time that the Dream Matte Mouse did. However I feel that I get a better overall finish, more smooth and blended and that it provides a better 'foundation' to the rest of my make up! 

Powder: I used to use powder a lot when I was younger, because I thought I had too. Well with the Dream Matte Mouse it just started to look bad and well, powdery - not what I was going for. However since I changed up my foundation I find I am getting a lot more out of my powder than previously! I am currently using Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. It goes on easy, take away the shine and keeps it away for about four hours if I am at work. If I'm not running around anywhere it lasts a little longer. 

Eyes: Over the last couple of weeks, I have only been wearing something on my eyes when I've had work. The most go to thing I have been using has got to be L'Oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner in 01 Pure Black.

The mascara I've been using is still the same, Maybeline Great Last, Very Black mascara. Still loving it and I use it every day! 

Eyebrows: I never really did anything to my eyebrows until recently. I fill them in a little bit with a pencil I've re-homed from my mum. However my eyebrows can be a bit unruly! I had been searching for a brow gel for months! They only seemed to be sold aboard. Last week however I can across this: Rimmel Brow this Way Gel. I've just started using it but so far I like what i see! 

Cheeks: I never really done anything with my cheeks, they go red enough on a daily basis as it is! But I guess with personal growth, the flush of red embarrassment has died down a lot (thank god) so I've started experimenting in blushes!! Ohhh they are a lot on the high street! My first starter however, is from a brand I've spoken about before, Sleek! I decided to stick to something I've used before and pick a pallet that gives me more than just the one option! This one is the Sleek, Blush By 3 - Lace 367 so far I am liking Crochet - the orange shade for that summer fresh look!

Lips: Lips change on a daily basis, and to be perfectly honest, I haven't warn any lip products for some time now. I have however, picked up The Body Shop Solid Oil Lips and I am testing it out! If things go well I'll let you know! 

Charlie x