Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Barry M Matte Nail Polish?!

What is this magic?!

Well I guess it's not such a shocker seeing as a few years ago I found some Matte Nail polish by OPI which was a gorgeous midnight blue, but I hadn't ever seen the brand anywhere before:

This is the first that caught my eye!

I've never tried a Matte polish before and was curious about how it would work and look. I guess a part of me didn't really believe it (nieve I know). Well the other week I went out and brought one.

Surprisingly it has lasted five days pretty well. Normally my nail varnish chips two days later. In our course we work with our hands a lot, making set designs, so naturally things get covered in glue and it peals of the paint. This polish has managed to withstand a lot of potential chipping!

All in all, I wasa plesently surprised by a Matte Nail Polish and would consider buy more from the collection, I think, for me personally it is something I would wear more in the autumn/winter, leave the bright, shiny polishes for summer!

What do you think about matte nail polishes? Do you like them? hate them? Do you own any??

Love Charlie

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Too Much Information Tag!

Ok so I'm new to Youtube, if you've seen a video, you'll know that, and if you don't well, I'll link the video below, take a gander yourself.

So I first saw the TMI Tag on Fleur De Force's channel earlier this year, but I think that maybe from ItsWayPastMyBedTime may have started this earlier, I'm not sure who officially began this tag, but it's been fun to do and I don't know about you, but I like learning more about my favourite Youtubers! 

I then found the blog post by littlemissnerdybookworm, which inspired me to do one for myself!

So if you are interested, take a look for yourself and maybe give it a go too!

Hope you enjoy!!
Love Charlie 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

M.A.C | Pro Palette | Eye Shadow No.1 Satin Taupe

Connecting to the previous update post, which you can read here, I have decided to show the development and growth of my M.A.C eye shadow pro palette (note, this will take a few months, MAC is expensive and I have decided to keep my bank account semi happy, so I will only by a MAC product once a month if that, Life of a Student.)

Anyway on with it Charlie.... 

I have been looking at the MAC eye shadow ever since my first purchase of the Mineralise Skin Finish. MAC eye shadows are talked about a lot over on Youtube and some of the shadows have amazing pay off! 

My chosen palettes for the last few years have been SLEEK, particularly Au Natural. 

I like using eye shadows, mascaras and eyeliners because my eyes are my favourite part of me appearance, or at least the thing I like most about myself. 

So after a long period of time, five months maybe, I've finally bought a MAC eye shadow. 

Now I've already said this already but I feel I should say it again. MAC products are expensive, and being a student I don't really had money to speed willy-nilly, however a girl needs to treat herself every now and again!

So the plan:

1. Only buy a MAC product a month. ( yes that means it probably will take another 14 months to complete a palette.)


2. Make sure I do the research into the colour, pigmentation, is it a popular choice and will I use it everyday?

The Palette (Container and Tray) : £20.50
The Shadow: £10

My first Shadow: Satin Taupe
My dad has really got 'RESEARCH' into my head, only for products though, it is much more difficult to do for my work. Always the way. 

Satin Taupe; a must have by many Youtube Makeup Guru's, 

A slight shimmer to the pigment. It's a cool shade and has a slight purple undertone to it. It is a easy colour to build up and can transform from day to night effortlessly. 

I found it went on really well and suits my skin tone really nicely,  I think this colour would actually go well with any skin tone, it's shimmer is slit yet has effect. 

1.5g but I can't see it being used up very quickly! Even if I do use it almost every day. Definitely something I will be buying again, I can tell you that now! 

Love Charlie