Sunday, August 31, 2014

M.A.C | Pro Palette | Eye Shadow No.2 Quarry

The Shadow: Quarry

Quarry has a slight purple, grey - taupe sort of colour too it. Although it is matte colour, it isn't dull. 

It is build-able, perfect for an everyday look and can blend well. Great for a smoky eye if you don't like harsh colours like dark brown and black. 

I use this colour for a crease or base colour mostly. I wear it a lot for work as it stays on for a suitable length of time. 

Although this is my second M.A.C eye shadow, I'm still learning what I can do with this shade. How best to apply it, learning what to put it with and what Not to put it with (Shimmery light colours don't tend to look good with quarry on me? Maybe I'm not blending enough) 

Unfortunately I can't give you too much information about this one, I love the colour, the purple/plum under tones work well with my green eyes. I don't experience much, if any fall out and it blends nicely into the crease with my Real Techniques detailer brush. 

I will experiment with this one more and give you a better informed post about how I've learnt to use Quarry. Would you like any pictures or example images or what I learn to use it with? Please let me know in the comments below!

Charlie x

Friday, August 29, 2014

27th Of June 2014.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

I know I've been gone a while, a lot of things have happened, finishing uni, getting a job, meeting new people, weddings and sad events. 

Unfortunately, during June, and a couple of days after her 12th birthday, our little Tish passed away.
Tish was our first dog, and after 12 years with her, it has been difficult to try and get along like normal with out her.

Tish never has been 100% healthy, when she was a puppy she needed a life saving operation just 10 weeks old. I remember how I felt then, having to leave her at the vets for a week, I was scared and worried we would never see her again. Since that first operation she was on a flurry of tablets all the time, building until she took eight tablets a day, fluctulating of course through the years with different illnesses and problems.

It wasn't until the day she passed that I suddenly realised that she had been a real trooper all the way through her life. Always being happy and cuddly, ready to play and ALWAYS ready to creep over for a fuss, she never complained, got angry or become difficult to deal with.

You don't realise what you have until it's gone, and you also do not realise that everything and everybody else deal with things differently. I never realised how selfless our dog was.

I think unless you have had a pet that's been part of the family, regardless of the time length, you deal with their passing differently. Personally I'm not good with change, even realising that there isn't anybody there to finish off the sunday chicken after the sunday dinner, or that, that same thing hasn't been sat under the oven waiting for the chicken to cook for two hours.

Our house is a lot emptier without Tish, she was part of our life for a long time and always will be. I feel that this has been a long time coming and that I need to write about it to help myself with the process as well as to share her life and story. I'm really thankful to have shared in her life. She taught me a lot and continues too, especially teaching me that...

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.