Monday, August 31, 2015

Time to Reflect 06/52

A Very late post from me today, yesterday was just so good that I fell asleep on the sofa before upload ing any pictures for this post, so without further ado... here are ten things I have been thankfully for this week!!

1. Its taken two months but the garage is totally clear of the things I brought back home from uni, there's room to walk to your tools now dad!

2. It's been at least five years since I left a hairdressers happy, and continued to be happy with my new do. However tuesdays hair cut at The Fringe gave me the biggest hope that I'd finally found somewhere that actually listened to me. So thank you Jane you've made my week!

3. Work is giving me more opportunities and responsibilities which is both exciting and scary!

4. I throughly enjoyed the commute to work now that Apple sorted out my phone and I could finally listen to music which doesn't sound tin-ny!

5. Reconnecting with friends from uni, the holiday time is coming to a close for a lot of people, but for us newly graduated its still the holidays. Time to catch up after a break away.

6. So although I missed my train home on friday and had to wait for forty minutes for the next one I popped into MAC and looked for Star Violet which I'd had my eye on for some time now, long story short - its been warmly welcomed into my collection...

7. I was tidying the last box of things from uni up and came across my birthday cards and a 'sorry your leaving card' from work last summer. Keeping cards for the memories is the best thing to find to cheer you up.

8. Payday and free time equals money being spent... sorry bank account, it didn't last too long

9. The little feeling of bliss when you don't have to set your alarm for the following morning! Its one of the best feelings!

10. We went to the beach/harbour (again) on Sunday and enjoyed the boating event and craft stools as well as the home made raft race which saw some cheeky tactics of water balloons and water pistols used by the teams. But it was such a nice day and it was nice to get out and be part of the local events! Until next year!

Charlie xo

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Brushes that Changed my Makeup

Before I even thought about makeup brushes I just used my hands, however this changed when it came to cleaning my car. Wiping over the steering wheel I noticed that it was covered in foundation, from orange to black I decided it was time to move on up! So here are my top five brushes I use that changed the way I use and apply makeup forever!

I always hated the traditional foundation brush, painting on your makeup with the flat brush just did not work for me. My steering wheel was no longer black, stained with foundation from my finger tips I really wanted to try a foundation brush and when the Real Techniques Stippling Brush came out I had to try it. It's been with me ever since and has changed the way I did my makeup forever. This is one brush I will never want to be without!

I love all the brushes from the Zoeva Rose gold Expert Face Set but my most used are the ones I'm going to share with you, the 142/Concealer Buffer Brush - I use this for my concealer and I love the compact feel of the bristles.

I also love the 102/Silk Finish Brush which I use to buff in my foundation after using the RT Stippling Brush. I love the finish it gives me, blending in my foundation so nicely I feel as though you can't notice any gathering on the foundation on the skin in the morning all the way through to the evening.

I've just started to get into blush and the 127/Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush is my first angled brush. The bristles are super soft and apply the makeup quite sheer but is very easy to build.

Finally my last brush is also one I had never even considered using. It actually came with a gel eyeliner. L'Oreal Super Liner Gel Intenza. This little brush is something I have been very impressed with. I can get smooth lines of a wide variety on line thicknesses with this brush. Best used wet I really love the brush and the product. A cat eye is my favourite thing to do now, I defiantly give this two thumbs up!

Charlie xo


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Time to Reflect 05/52

1. Beautiful sunshine at the beginning of the week, I thought that I wouldn't have been able to enjoy any sunshine over the summer with work.

2. We went down to the beach on monday and enjoyed the sunshine. Theres a little ice-cream shop down on the front and every time we've been down there, there is always a long que of people waiting to get a delicious cold treat. (The ice creams coming out of this shop were insane with different colours and sweets, we were so overwhelmed we just got something simple)

3. So whilst you are waiting in line for an ice-cream there is this beautiful display of flowers to keep you happy.

4. Visiting the Apply Genius's and they helped out with my phone problems, they are called genius for a reason.

5. In the week there was an absolutely stunning sunset, I just had to walk down the road in my flip-flops and cosy clothes to capture the beauty!

6. We've had more sunny days than rainy days this week and I am totally thankful for, I thought I'd miss the best bit of summer, working away inside

7. Dad visited the Doctor to have a checkup and stitches removed, and they are super happy with how its all healing!

8. I Love living close enough to the sea that I can go enjoy the beauty of it whenever I can. Before it would have taken a couple of hours. As much as the ocean scares me the beach and the view make me smile every time.

9. The weekend has been the best of both worlds, saturday there was sun during the day and a lightning storm at night (I absolutely LOVE thunder and lightning) and Today, Sunday there isn't a cloud in the sky!

10. Having the weekend off work to spend some time with mum and dad.

I Hope you are having a lovely weekend wherever you are!
Charlie xo


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Living in Halls | Bathroom

Bathrooms - I personally could not have shared a communal shower with strangers, that was not a thing I was willing to do! It was actually one of the things I made sure of when booking my accommodation.

If you book a room with an en-suit here is my personal list of recommend items to pack:

1. TOILET ROLLS, TOILET ROLLS, TOILET ROLLS!! I had this said to me when I told my friends I was moving into halls. They said, there isn't anything worse than getting all the way to you accommodation, moving things in and then being desperate for the bathroom and having no toilet rolls in sight... Let it be the first thing you pack and unpack.

2. Towels - I brought three beach towels from Matalan on the basis that they would dry quicker in my room. A hand towel would also be a good choice to take to have in your bathroom.

3. I had a little shelf in my shower but my flat mate's shelf was broken, you might just have to wait and see when you get there but you could also pop into a wilkinsons or poundland to buy a small basket for your shower supplies. If you are sharing a shower with other people a wash bag would come in very useful!

4. Toothbrush and toothpaste and maybe a small holder for them to stand up in your shower room on the sink or if you have a shelf.

5. Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Buff not to mention razors and everything else you might use in the shower.

6. Cleaning supplies - Toilet bleach and brush.

7. Personal hygiene - Nail clippers, razors, deodorant, cologne, hair spray and gel, comb and face wash plus a flannel. Think of anything you use and need. The likely hood is you'll forget something but remember you can also pop out before you start at uni to grabs the things your forgotten.

So I hope this series has given you a place to start thinking and getting things together. If you are off to begin your university life or perhaps changing uni's and heading back into halls to meet people, I wish you the best of luck with everything, have fun and throw yourself into the whole thing! I promise things get better once you've settled in, just give yourself time.

Charlie xo

Monday, August 17, 2015

Time to Reflect 04/52

1. Dad came home from the hospital after this op, and it is nice to have him back!

2. The Beautiful weather that we had at the beginning of the week. A bit of sunshine is better than none.

3. Its always nice to get home to a delivery, especially when it arrives before you even expected!

4. I brought hair dye last week and Ideally I want to cut my hair before dying it. But seeing sat on my vanity unit or desk is really getting me excited to dye it again.

5. Sitting outside to enjoy the sunshine whilst eating my breakfast with the fam. SO good

6. After being out the house for most of the day all of last week the house ended up a mess and dusty. Mum and I gave it a quick tidy before dad came home and now every things dust free!

7. Chatting with the neighbours and hearing somebody I'm not even related too be interested in my future and what I am looking at doing. Something I'm not used too, but really appreciated it.

8. Similar to last week, I'm glad my mum has improved in her driving confidence!

9. A beautiful Sunday roast for dad after all the hospital food. Nothing better for a calm welcome home and a good delicious sunday roast.

10. Having my dad home again is by far the best thing, seeing him working on his laptop or cutting the lawn, just having him home is the best thing about this week.

Charlie xo

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Living in Halls | Kitchen

Time to move onto the kitchen! If your dorm or halls doesn't have a kitchen or canteen, then its highly likely you are going to need your own equipment!

 A lot of my kitchen equipment came from Dunlem Mill or Marks and Spencer. We have always used pyrex measuring jugs and oven trays, I find that they are easier to hand wash and you aren't fighting with the grease and oil that tends to stick to oven trays. I don't know whether I was late or perhaps too easy to the uni buying party but when mum and I were looking for a pyrex measuring jug, we searched high and low, until finally we tried M&S, and low and behold they were stocked up on pyrex kitchen equipment!

Any here is my list of kitchen equipment to make your life easier in the kitchen!

1. Crockery- Plates, Bowls and anything you like to eat from! I brought mine from Dunelm. I brought three dinner plates, three side plates and three bowls. (I left one of each of the bowls and side plates at home - just incase I broke one at any point) This was perfect for me as I liked to do my washing up in the evening so I never was left without something to eat from! A small tip from me would be to buy some patterned plates, most people in my flat had Ikea plates and were constantly having arguments over who's stolen their plate. Where as my plates were black and white so I always know which ones were mine. (It might be fine, you might live with people who just don't care, or you might have people like who I lived with - constantly shouting 'Who's used my plates!' when they aren't in the cupboard or even washed up at the sink)

2. Cutlery - Knives, Forks and Spoons, similarly to the whole plate situation everybody else had cutlery from Ikea as well, once again there were arguments over spoons being stolen or swopped, save yourself the hassle and buy patterned or colours ones. I brought mine from Homebase, they had red handles and stood out a mile. (Throughout three years I only ever lost one fork? I've know idea where it went or who'd used it but as I'd only taken two of each piece of cutlery to uni, I had a spare at home anyway) You'll also want a sharp knife for chopping as well as a chopping board.

3. Oven gloves. Nobody else remembered to bring any so for the first few weeks people were burning there hairs when using a small kitchen towel (also important to take) They aren't that expensive and they will last you throughout uni!

4. Glasses - Two drinking glasses, a mug or two and a wine glass. I brought mine at M&S. I might have brought a pack of four drinking glasses, and only took two with me, saving two at home incase one brakes. (out of everything cups were the most common casualty in our flat, we lost a lot)

5.  Pots and pans! You have to cook some how don't you? Whether you live off pasta or chicken, you will need something to cook it in. I brought mine from Dunlem, two different sized sauce pans and one frying pan. Sorted.

6. Oven tray - Like I said earlier - I prefer the pyrex ones, we had three at home so I just took one of them. However any good kitchen equipment store will sell them!

7. And finally you might want all the other bits and bobs. Such as -
  • Can opener
  • Corkscrew Bottle opener
  • Scissors
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Bread Knife
  • Sandwich bags - good for separating and freezing chicken and other food.
  • Microwaveable bowl
  • Cling film
  • Tin foil
  • Washing-up stuff - Washing-up liquid / Dishcloth / Scrubbing brush
  • Wooden spoon
  • One-person casserole dish
  • Another chopping board for meat unless you prefer to plan what you cut first.
  • Plastic containers which can go in the microwave. Suitable for lunches. 

Don't forget to check what your accommodation already has -  you might have to purchase a kettle or toaster - you could alway discuss this with the people your living with when you get there but its always better to check what is or should be already available.

Building up to moving to uni, I put some dried foods like pasta and soup, marmite (either love it or hate it) and anything else I could into a box to take with me. Luckily my parents also took me to Asda to buy some foods to put into the fridge and freezer before they left on the first day.

Charlie xo

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Time to Reflect 03/52

1. Starting in a new store and being lucky enough to meet so great people, first week went well.

2. A hot chocolate from Costa was exactly what I needed on Wednesday.

3. Along with the hot chocolate was a lovely surprise meet up with Claire, who I hadn't seen in ages! A catch up over a Costa.

4. The people at work are seriously the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to work with, since I've moved stores however I miss them like crazy! Good thing I can pop round to cover positions and see people when I do!

5. Feeling like I had my life together, just because my outfit for work effortlessly flowed together... nails and all. Even better when somebody complimented me on it <3 (a nice comment can make a persons day)

6. Spending time with the old man. Love being able to spend a good 40 minutes on the commute to work with my dad.

7. An amazing hot chocolate and fudge cake! I've never tasted anything so good!

8. Finally the sun came out. Spending some time soaking up some vitamin D in Dundee.

9. Driving down to Dundee hospital and seeing the improvement in confidence my mum has gained since moving up to Scotland.

10. The people at the hospital have been so lovely and have helped so much, hopefully more on this next week

Charlie xo

Saturday, August 8, 2015

What to Take to University Living in Halls | Bedroom

This time four years ago, mum and I were wondering around the shop searching for things to put in my room at uni. Feels like it was only yesterday! Moving to uni is a very exciting and scary thing for a lot of people! Personally I could not wait to move in and meet new people and fend for myself!

First things first - Before you go out and buy anything, check what the uni will be providing, you don't want to turn up with something that has already been provided, save your money!

- Bedding - Duvet, pillows, bottom/ fitted sheets, mattress protector and covers!
I took two sets of covers with my to uni, I didn't know whether the washing machines would have a tumble dry or not and so I chose to take two in case. (turns out my halls had a tumble dryer so thankfully I didn't have drape my bedding around my room to dry!) I would perhaps recommend taking a double duvet as you can fold it over and be extra cosy, plus it makes the not so comfy student bed a lot easier to sleep on.

- A Lamp - something I didn't take but my flatmate did! Although my student room had plenty of light,  a little lamp changed the entire feel of the room. It made the room feel warm, cosy and more like home. Defiantly suggest you shouldn't over look this little life changer. (I also took a touch, as suggested by my dad, which came in very useful when the stairwell lights cut out in the middle of winter)

- Hangers - You will mostly likely need a lot of these, universities don't tend to supply them. I brought mine from Dunlem, the velvet helped to keep my clothes on the hangers!

- Laundry - Wash basket, Collapsable Clothes Horse, a Laundry bag, Washing powder, Fabric Softener - uni rooms are tiny and there isn't space for you the hang wet clothes around your room. You might also want a bag that you can cart your dirty washing down to the shared laundry room.

- Desk equipment - All things stationary, a lot of people didn't have printers but for me, it saved my neck more than once when it came to working late in your room, rather than going down to the library in the dead of night. (PS don't forget a bin and bin liners, I managed to find scented bin liners at a little homeward store)

- Pins for the pin board! Whether it's for work, lists, or photo's, notice board pins will be very useful

- Door wedge, something to hold open your bedroom door, which will be a fire door, so I recommend a rubber door wedge, which wort slip so much. Plus having your door open is inviting and your make friends within your flat a lot quicker!

Other things include, your clothes and shoes, a hot water bottle, dressing gown, alarm clock/radio, posters, coasters, fleece blanket, TV, Playstation or xbox, anything that will let you watch DVDs and anything else you want to take. Remember student accommodation in halls is often very small so don't take everything except the kitchen sink, If you forget anything perhaps you can bring in back with out when you go home!

Charlie xo

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Time to Reflect 02/52

1. We got back from graduation on saturday and greeted at the front door by a white envelope. Whilst we were away my neighbours had posted a congratulations card for my graduation. Possibly the sweetest thing I have had.

2. To sit down on my day off with my mum and a cup of tea was really lovely. We don't often spend a lot of time together, but when we do spend time together I like to treasure the moment, even over a hot cup of tea.

3. Having a clean and clear vanity/ desk is a clear mind! Boy it feels and looks good!

4. Being at university most of the year and only coming home for maybe a month at a time, like christmas and easter, didn't really give us enough time to sort anything out. My wardrobe for example since we moved in we haven't had time to sort ourselves out let alone the house! However, after a trip to B&Q, my dad and I fitted a shelf into the wardrobe. Now it is so much more organised and tidy, and something I'm now happy with. A girl needs storage!

5. A week ago, we saw a advert for a cross trainer somebody was trying to get rid of, for FREE?! Well that has to be the best find ever and I absolutely love the thing! Building up my FITBIT steps!

6. Accessorize jewellery, oh how utterly beautiful you are!

7. Tradesmen/women who do their jobs properly. We've had so many bodged jobs that finding a good tradesmen felt like we were looking for a lost breed. But early this week we had a visit from the painter and he whipped round the house fixing the patches of wall where the paint hadn't been applied properly. Friendly, happy, and good service :)

8. The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz. I sort of forgot to mention this beauty last week. It was a life saver when it came to my graduation. The Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz is a mist which helps to keep your makeup in place that little bit better. I've never used a face mist but I love this little thing, it's just so refreshing and feels great, I honestly don't want to try anything else.

9. Now on its second week of usage my FITBIT has become a really important part of my everyday life. I feel that I don't want to do any walking or physical movement without it! Which when reading reviews everybody seemed to talk about, and I initial thought was crazy! But I am in complete agreement, 'WAIT, I can't go anywhere without my fitbit!'

10. It's been five weeks and I am sure everybody is relieved it was payday on friday! Whilst money is very important in life, it shouldn't be the be all and end all. It's important to save some for that rainy day. (As my Grampy used to say)

Charlie xo

Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Current Skincare Routine

As it is the time of year where the the heat can make you hot and bothered I decided that i'd upload my current skincare routine. It has taken my years to figure out what my skin needs and should avoid and I am still finding things that I love and suit more than what I am currently using.

I decided to branch out from my comfort zone and try a different cleanser. When I first started using the Garnier Micella Cleansing Water I didn't like the feeling it left behind. My skin felt tighter and hand a horrible tingling feeling. However after continuous use, my skin reacted better than it did before. It no longer leaves my skin feeling tight or excessively dry but clean and fresh and helps with any blemish problems! A lot goes a long way and it really does get all the gunk off my face.

Twice a week I like to use St. Ives Apricot Scrub in the shower with my 'A Brush with Greatness' from Soap and Glory (from Boots). I do this routine once on sunday night, ready for work in the morning and once on wednesday night. I find this keeps me fresh faced and generally happier in my skin for the week! I don't like to use this scrub more than twice a week as it can be quite a harsh scrub. I think twice a week is great and if you do use this one I recommend using it very gently.

Having oily skin was anything far from a nightmare when I was younger, but alas my skin seems to have sorted itself out and is much less oily. However every now and again it does get horribly shiny! When I have trouble with oil I just like to quickly cleans my skin with my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and then add a bit of Elizabeth Arden moisturiser just to the drier parts of my face i.e,  around my nose and the sides of my face. However after a shower my skin can get very tight, the moisturiser works wonders and the following morning my skin is perfect to apply foundation and everything applies so smoothly!

Face Mask
I don't always do a facial mask but when I do it's Sanctuary's 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask! Through out the last few years my skin type has changed a lot, from oily (and I mean oily!) to combination. Dry throughout the day and oily in the evening. However over the last few years I have been using Sanctuary's deep cleanse facial mask every so often. I maybe use this every other month or so. My skin feels a lot cleaner and fresher after and the results in the days after

We all know how important it is to look after our skin, especially during the sunnier and warmer months.  Using an SPF 30 or higher apply liberally and wait a few minutes before applying makeup, this way the SPF can absorb into the skin properly.
I am still trying to find the right kind of sun screen that isn't too oily, for my skin. If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments below!

Charlie xo