Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pure Clay from L'Oreal | First Impressions

I love to sit down, relax and just have a little pamper every once and a while. Face masks, freshly painted nails and a movie to relax too are part of the perfect pamper session. I have used a lot of different masks in the past, most packet masks or from tubs, which are quite thick in texture, but none  like the L'Oreal Pure Clay mask which seems to be a creamy consistency, which dried quickly on the skin.

There are three different targeting treatments to choose from...

1. Pure Clay Purity Mask  which helps to Purify and Mattify, suitable for oily skin
2. Pure Clay Detox Mask which helps to Detoxify and clarify skin
3. Pure Clay Glow Mask, a Brightening and Exfoliating Mask suitable to dry skin

( All of which, in my opinion, smell amazing and fresh! )

I had originally planned to get the Detox Mask, however once I visited Boots I saw a small information leaflet about each of the Masks. On it, it describes the use of each mask and how to figure out which one is right for you and your skin. There are three small test patches for you to try out, to use, press one of the small test patches against either your T-Zone, Chin or Cheek, to find out what that section of skin is trying to tell you. You can compare your skin test results against the information leaflet to identify which mask would be right for you in that area! After doing the tests, it showed me that I could use the Detox mask and the Purity mask. 

I have so far tried out the Detox Mask as I feel this is the best place for me to start. I plan to use it a few more time before moving onto the purity mask or even Multimasking as they have so cleverly put it on the packet! 

To apply these masks I chose to use a foundation brush which I don't like to use for foundation, it actually worked quite nicely as I didn't put too much of the product on and it was actually less messy! 
I placed in on my T-Zone, my nose and onto my cheeks and a small section on my chin. These are the areas that I have a lot of clogged pores and tends to get the most oily. I left it on for around 8 minutes, until it was dry and then washed it off with water and a wet flannel. After cleaning of the mask my face looked a lot better, less shiny, smaller pores and a lot cleaner than it did pre mask. It defiantly soaked up the excess oil in my skin and as a result my cheeks, chin and forehead felt very dry, but after a quick cleans and a little bit of moisturiser my skin is feeling soft and subtle. 

Overall, after my first application I am fairly impressed by the Detox mask and I would look into apply this once a week for my skin. Anymore than once a week would perhaps be to much for my skin and could cause it to produce more oil, which is something I defiantly don't want, but for once a week, perhaps at the beginning of the week I think my skin could defiantly benefit from the mask. After the first application it did remove a lot of impurities but it also dried out my chin and cased a few big break outs for the next two days, however y skin looked a lot better afterwards.
Every since moving to Scotland my skin seems to react differently to the water in the shower and feels tight and dry after washing so I think I will try the purity mask and the glow mask at the same time in a couple of weeks, after I've given my skin a new lease of life by detoxing all the dirt out!

I think these little pots of masks are a good buy at £7.99 normally, but I just couldn't resist buying them whilst they were just £5 each at Boots! And who knows maybe they will be a weekly thing? Maybe I'll finally find a weekly routine for my skin care? Does anybody else use masks as part of a daily or weekly beauty routine? If so, what do you use?

Love Charlotte xo 


  1. dying t try them

    1. I'm still yet to try the purity and the glow mask, but for £5 each I think it is worth trying one :) x

  2. I love the packaging of these, they would look so cute on my shelves! Definitely going to have to pick at least one up for the price they are x

    Gemma Louise

    1. They are cute! And they are still only £5 as far as I know! x