Wednesday, July 6, 2016

25 Facts About Me

It's been a while since I last did a personal sharing kind of post, and I have seen few of these '25 Facts About Me' posts recently and I thought it would be nice to do an updated one! I personally love reading these kinds of posts, it feels like you are getting to know the author behind the blog a bit more, so without further ado here are 25 Facts About Me ...

1. I am 5ft6".

2. I will be turning 24 at the end of the year! I've NO idea where the years have gone?

3. I share my birthday with my eldest cousin.

4.  I am an animal lover, even if they terrify me, I can't hurt them even spiders *shivers!*

5. I LOVE films! All the aspects that teams go through! The creating, producing and editing, I'd love to experience it all first hand! Marvel films have pretty much captured my heart.

6. Action movies are my favourite, James Bond,  Bourne or any Marvel Movie.

7. Autumn if my favourite season, because of the beautiful colours of nature and the warmish weather.

8. I am a 'What if' thinker, which isn't always a good thing it often leads to negative thoughts and feelings. However it also make me ask questions about anything and everything sometimes you have to let your imagination run wild.

9. I hate working in silence, I just can't concentrate on what I am supposed to be doing, I'll usually put a film on or F.R.I.E.N.D.S just so its playing in the back ground.

10. I enjoy drawing if I have the time.

11. White or Deep Red roses are my favourite flowers. (As well as those little flowers, I think they are called 'Baby's Breath'?)

12. I could eat Strawberries all day everyday (I've also decided to try an grow my own! This strawberry in the picture was my first home grown strawb! Tasted pretty good too!)

13. For some reason, I can't go to a beach and not pick up a shell or pebble.

14.  I've always enjoyed makeup and beauty, and I am glad to say I've come a long way since my green eyeshadow phase back in secondary school.

15. Pink lipstick has never been my thing, I don't think pink suits me at all.

16. A black cat eye liner is quite possibly my favourite thing to do for my day to day makeup.

17. I love to learn new things, I'd call myself a 'sponge'.

18. I am trying to learn French.

19. I am a visual learner and I am inspired by images more than words.

20. I also hate reading instruction... but I'll surrender to them If I can't work it out by myself.

21. Pinterest is addictive and I am 100% addicted to it.

22. Witty comments and quotes from films are commonly used in my house and possibly the best way to communicate.

23. I am terrified of open water, not knowing whats below you or what to do! I can feel my pulse rising just thinking about it!

24. I am a quite a private person and struggle to make and keep friends. But even if we don't talk everyday, they are still in my thoughts.

25. Seeing other people happy makes me happy.

That's it for this weeks post, hopefully it gives you a bit of a better idea as to who it is behind Lotties Thoughts! I love reading these kinds of posts and always find it so interesting to find out a bit more about the person behind the blog.

Love Charlotte xo 

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