Monday, June 27, 2016

Lotties Thoughts 3rd Birthday

If you'd asked me three years ago what blogging is and how people use it, I couldn't have told you much apart from 'well, we use it at uni to create a working diary for our projects...'


Three years on and I've found an amazing community of people who enjoy talking and sharing information about all things beauty, a plethora of stunning, informative blogs and some really inspiring weekly reads.

I started my blog with the intention of creating a hobby for myself which gives me a bit more of a purpose and self identity as well as constantly learning how to improve my writing skills.I've never really been one to enjoy writing, I always hated going to English class at school because I was just really bad at it, and so I'd get frustrated and just give up on the work. However, after starting my own blog for university work, I googled 'blogger' and found out what else other people were doing with their blogs, I came across a whole world of information about different things, from makeup to cooking, interia design and sketch booking, there were so many different directions that people has gone in with their blogs that I just loved the idea of having the freedom to express your thoughts about anything and everything you wanted too.

Three years later and I feel like I've created a space online where I can write and share my ideas about (mostly) makeup and beauty products, and sometime some lifestyle bits and bobs, which I enjoy to do. I feel like I am still at the beginning of this blogging journey, and I'm still trying to figure out what it is I want to focus on, but for now I am enjoying it and all the learning curves that come with it.

I hope for the next year I learn a lot more and that I can begin to get a bit more feedback and interaction from fellow bloggers and blog readers. I'm also thinking that I need to be more adventurous with my blog and venture into areas that I feel to shy to do. I hope that I can grow my blog and learn things all the way through. And Finally I would like to say Thank you to the 152 people who have subscribed to my blog over the years, I hope I can create more posts that interest you and provoke communication and thoughts!

Thank you to the people that have followed and commented on my little piece of the interest over here, it means a lot to know people are interacting with things I have written, and I am thankful to each and everyone of you!

Love Charlie xo 

*Image is not my own.

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